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Plymouth Area CSX Train Symbols


  • Q132 Detroit Livernois-Cleveland
  • L132 Detroit TV-Cleveland
  • Q151 Cleveland-Detroit TV
  • Q203 Detroit-Cincinnati (Mon-Sat)
  • Q210 Greenwood SC-Walbridge (Daily) [runs to Detroit as needed]
  • Q217 Philadelphia-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q218 Atlanta-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q224 Wixom-Willard (Mon-Sat)Picture
  • Q225 Wayne-Walbridge (Mon-Sat)
  • Q227 Wayne-Walbridge-Fostoria-Walbridge (Daily)
  • Q231 Detroit-Jacksonville(DAILY)
  • Q239 Saginaw/Toledo (DAILY)
  • Q244 Detroit-Willard (Daily)
  • Q248 Baldwin FL-Flint (as needed)
  • Q249 Baltimore-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q260 Fostoria-Wayne (as needed)
  • Q272 Louisville-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q277 Saginaw/Decoursey (Daily)
  • Q287 Walbridge/Plymouth (Daily)
  • Q290 Walbridge-New Boston-Walbridge-Doremus Avenue (Daily)
  • Q295 Toledo/Saginaw (Daily)
  • Q296 Saginaw-Baltimore (Daily)
  • Q297 Baltimore-Stanley (Daily) [still runs to Saginaw as needed]
  • Q304 Stanley-Detroit Sterling (Daily)
  • Q305 Detroit Sterling-Stanley (Sun-Fri)
  • L305 Detroit North Yard-Stanley (Sat)
  • Q318 Toledo-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q322 Toledo-Detroit (Daily)
  • Q324 Blue Island / Grand Rapids (As Needed)
  • Q326 Chicago-Detroit (Mon-Sat) Picture coming out at Sheldon
  • L326 Chicago/Grand Rapids (Sunday)
  • Q327 Detroit-Chicago (Daily)
  • L327 Grand Rapids/ Blue Island (Sunday)
  • Q330 Midland/ Flint/ Midland (Mon-Sat)
  • Q331 Flint / Port Huron / Flint (Mon-Sat)
  • Q334 Grand Rapids-Stanley (Tue-Sun)
  • Q335 Stanley-Grand Rapids (Wed-Mon)
  • Q336 Chicago Clearing-Flint (Daily)
  • Q337 Flint-Chicago Clearing (Daily)
  • Q502 Louisville-Toledo (Daily) [still runs to Saginaw as needed]
  • Q503 Detroit-Stanley (Daily)
  • Q515 Toledo-Louisville (Daily) [originates at Rougemere as needed] Picture Q515

    CSX now runs certain profiles that are blocked for Detroit at Collinwood to avoid the terminal congestion at Toledo. Q318 is one such profile.

    Since the Conrail acquisition, several trends have surfaced:

  • Conrail's Stanley Yard has replaced CSX's (ex-C&O nee Hocking Valley) Walbridge Yard as a destination for many Toledo-bound trains.

  • The Saginaw Subdivision, which used to extend from Saginaw to Toledo, is now truncated at Carleton. South of Carelton the territory is now a part of the Toledo Terminal Subdivision, and is now dispatched by the BX desk on AAR channel 35, 160.635

  • The BX desk also dispatches the Conrail Lincoln Secondary, which connects with the Toledo Terminal SD at Carleton and extends to the Conrail Lincoln Yard at Lincoln Park.

  • The AX desk now dispatches the Plymouth and Detroit Subdivisions (which used to be managed by the AW desk), in addition to the Saginaw SD and Plymouth Interlocking. This means that AX is now responsible for all of the former C&O in the Southeast Michigan west of Rougemere, south of Saginaw, east of Lansing, and north of Carleton. The road channel for all of this territory is AAR channel 8, 160.230

  • New Boston's TDSI ramp, always busy, is now a point where traffic can easily logjam. If a train working New Boston is holding the #2 main, then it leaves just the #1 main to handle all the other traffic. Throw in the GTW Flat Rock sub crossing at Carleton, CSX's ex-Conrail traffic coming off the Lincoln Secondary at Carleton, The NS crossings at Wayne (CR) and Romulus (WAB), and the CSX's own congestion at Wayne, it can sometimes take a through train 6 hours to move from Carleton to Plymouth, a distance of 23 miles.

  • Many Trains called at Walbridge and Stanley will quite frequently Die on Law before reaching Plymouth. When a crew working on the siding dies at Wayne, that leaves the single track main for every other train working Wayne to work FROM. This will tie up Wayne in a hurry. The same scenario exists at New Boston. Put one of each scenario at both locations, plus a day of heavy traffic, and add a few trains on short time. Conditions will then snowball to such a degree that the only movements are Local crews, if available, rescuing dogged trains.

  • The same is the true for manifests, coal empties, CP run throughs, and grain trains called at Grand Rapids. They can die and then tie up the passing siding south of Plymouth on the Saginaw SD as well as the north side at Beck Rd. on the Plymouth SD. Once this happens, trains start backing up on the sidings on the Plymouth SD to the west. If Rougemere is clogged, they'll start piling trains on #1 track on the Detroit SD from the Bridge signal just west of Rougemere all the way to Middlebelt yard, and from there to the sidings at Plymouth, and from there on sidings west up the Plymouth SD and south down the Saginaw SD. On two occasions prior to the Conrail acquisition they had trains backed up as far west as the Brighton siding on the Plymouth SD at milepost CH45, a full 40 miles from Rougemere.

  • Wayne Depot, yet another busy spot, no longer enjoys a friendly crossing at the CR, er, NS Wayne Diamond. In addition, when two trains are working Wayne, both main tracks are tied up. It is not uncommon for trains waiting on all of this to have to cut their crossings while waiting for the mess to clear, then put their trains back together again only to have NS take the signal at the Diamond away from them.

    As of this writing (Dec.29th 1999) the system is much more fluid than it was this past Autumn. We do notice that it still jams up on occasion, but it is not the daily occurance that is did just six weeks ago.

  • The Hill Pushers at Plymouth have been eliminated. If a westbound coal train or manifest Q335 (Toledo Stanley-Grand Rapids) cannot make Salem Hill or otherwise stalls while making the attempt, then AX picks either a Plymouth-based Local or Yard Job to perform the task. Twice in December 1999 we have even seen a CP runthrough do the shove (or in once case, an assist from the head end).

  • While not a result of the Conrail aquasition, there are now fewer automotive profiles to/from Flint and Saginaw (Q286, Q297, and Q502 have been deleted or truncated). This is because General Motors has shut down their Flint Buick City complex. However, Chevrolet still makes engines in Flint and Saginaw Steering still makes castings near Saginaw. Therefore, we occasionally see profiles that used to go to Saginaw (Q297 and Q502, which now terminate at Toledo) continue on to Saginaw.

    UNIT Trains

    • K290 Chicago/Walbridge/Flint/Wallyworld/Chicago Dirt (As Needed)
    • K309 Park Jct PA-Detroit coke loads ----
    • K352 Detroit-Glenwood PA coke empties ----
    • K353 Detroit-Louisville KY Coke mtys to Riverport
    • K362 Louisville/Detroit coke
    • K385 Demmler PA-Detroit coke loads ----

    • K503 Philadelphia/Detroit (PDL-01)
    • K504 Detroit/Philadelphia (DLP-02)
    • K510 Newport News VA-Grand Rapids Steel
    • K511 Newport News VA-Grand Rapids Steel
    • K534 Garrett IN - Detroit MI SDI mtys
    • K538 Garrett IN - Livernois MI SDI mtys
    • K550 Middletown OH-Wayne steel empties Daily.........0900
    • K551 Wayne-Middletown OH steel loads Daily.........0900
    • K598 Middletown OH-Wayne steel empties (As Needed)
    • K599 Wayne-Middletown OH steel loads as needed ----
    • K778 Bensenville IL - Flint MI Midland Styrene Unit (AS REQUIRED)
    • K817 Tampa Fl- Grand Rapids MI Phosphate
    • K859 Chicago/Webberville Potash
    • K862 Webberville MI/Blue Island IL Mty Potash /
    • K871 Detroit MI /Tampa FL sulphur
    • K880 Chicago / Webberville Potash,
    • K885 Chicago/Saginaw potash
    • K902 Carey/Flint
    • K903 Flint/Carey
    • K904 Grand Rapids-Walbridge OH Saturday 1200
    • K905 Walbridge-Wahalla MI Saturday 1600
    • K910 Thornton IL/ Grand Rapids MI
    • K923 Woodville OH - Ludington MI Dow Lime Train

    CSX Coal trains through Plymouth

    "The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights" .....J Paul Getty

    All these trains originate on the old C&O except N921
    The Points of Destination are:
    Consumer's Power J.H. Campbell Complex on Lake Michigan
    Plant rated at 2,100MW, burns 3.5 million tons per year.
    From Walbridge, the trains run on the Toledo Terminal SD>
    Saginaw SD>PLymouth SD>Grand Rapids Terminal SD>Grand
    Rapids SD>Montague SD
    Consumer's Power Karn Weadock Complex on Saginaw Bay
    Plant rated at 1,397MW, burns 2.7 million tons per year.
    From Walbridge, the trains run on the Toledo Terminal SD>
    Saginaw SD>Bay City SD
    Symbol   Origin - Destination     Direction @Plymouth
    • N900 Holden22-West Olive
    • N901 Praise-West Olive
    • N902 Beth WV - West Olive MI NB>WB Picture
    • N903 Mousie KY - West Olive MI
    • N904 Rapidloader1 > Martin KY - West Olive MI
    • N905 Yellow Creek KY - West Olive MI
    • N906 Fanco WV > Peach Creek WV - West Olive MI
    • N907 Cheyenne-West Olive
    • N908 Peach Creek WV - West Olive MI Pine Creek Mine
    • N909 Hutchinson WV - West Olive MI
    • N910 Shelby KY - West Olive MI McVicker Mine Picture N910-05 Picture
    • N911 Bate's Branch KY - West Olive MI
    • N912 Toms Fork - West Olive
    • N913 Ivel - West Olive
    • N914 Myra - West Olive
    • N917 Hampton-3 to West Olive
    • N918 Monclo WV - West Olive MI Picture
    • N923 Scotts Branch KY > Coal Run KY - W Olive MI
    • N924 Damron Fork KY > Shelby KY - West Olive MI Picture
    • N927 Roxana KY > Martin KY - West Olive MI
    • N939 ChicagoBN to West Olive
    • N940 Shelby KY > Russell KY - Essexville MI NB Patton Mine
    • N941 Yellow Creek KY > Martin KY - Essexville MI
    • N942 Monclo WV - Essexville MI
    • N943 Peach Creek WV > Russell KY - Essexville MI Pine Creek Mine
    • N944 Mousie KY - Essexville MI
    • N945 Martin KY > Russell KY - Essexville MI Sunknott Mine Picture
    • N947 Damron Fork KY > Shelby KY - Essexville MI
    • N948 Toms Fork WV > St Albans WV - Essexville MI
    • N949 Beth WV > Russell KY - Essexville MI
    • N950 Fanco WV - Essexville MI
    • N951 Bates Branch KY - Essexville MI
    • N952 Ivel KY > Russell KY - Essexville MI
    • N953 Saginaw MI - Essexville MI
    • N954 Danville WV - Essexville MI
    • N955 Chicago - Essexville MI

    CSX Coal Empties Through Plymouth


    All of these trains are bound for the old C&O
    except E918, E960, and E962.
    Some trains are blocks of FSTX  Coal Empties

    Symbol Point(>s) of Origin - Destination   Direction at Plymouth

    • E900 Grand Rapids MI - Shelby KY WB>SB CPOX  empties
    • E902 Saginaw MI - Shelby KY SB CPOX empties
    • E903 Grand Rapids MI - Coal Run KY WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E905 Saginaw MI - Coal Run KY SB CPOX empties
    • E909 Grand Rapids MI - Shelby KY WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E912 Saginaw MI - Martin KY SB CPOX empties
    • E915 Grand Rapids MI - Martin KY WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E918 Saginaw MI - Grafton WV SB via Rivesville WV
    • E920 Grand Rapids MI - Peach Creek WV WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E922 Saginaw MI - Peach Creek MI SB CPOX empties
    • E940 Grand Rapids MI - Danville WV WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E941 Grand Rapids MI - Danville WV WB>SB CPOX empties
    • E942 Saginaw MI - Danville WV SB CPOX empties
    • E960 Grand Rapids MI - Ravenna KY WB>SB via Cincinnati OH CPOX empties
    • E962 Saginaw MI - Ravenna KY SB via Cincinnati OH CPOX empties

    CSX Grain Trains through Plymouth

    After the Autumn harvest and well into the Winter months
    there will be the occasional grain movement, sometimes 
    more than one or two per day but usually one per day
    down each the Plymouth and Saginaw subdivision.  Most
    of this Bounty is bound for the Poultry Industry down 
    south and for export overseas.  It is a safe bet that 
    grain trains leaving Michigan are loads and those 
    entering Michigan are empties.  The frequency of these 
    movements will fall off in the Spring.

    Profile Origin Destination Direction @ Plymouth

    • G018 Detroit MI-Windsor ON-Detroit MI -----
    • G038 Saginaw MI - North Judson IN SB
    • G047 Columbus OH - Saginaw MI NB
    • G061 Saginaw MI - Rocky Mount NC SB
    • G140 St. Thomas ON - Mobile AL WB>SB
    • G141 Chatham ON - Rocky Mount NC WB>SB
    • G142 St. Thomas ON - Valdosta FL WB>SB
    • G143 St. Thomas ON - Hamlet NC WB>SB
    • G149 Chicago-Grand Rapids-Walbridge EB>SB
    • G156 Grand Ledge MI - Locust Point MD EB>SB
    • G166 Saginaw MI - Locust Point MD SB
    • G167 Saginaw MI - Green Spring WV SB
    • G173 Grand Ledge MI - Green Spring WV EB>SB
    • G189 Saginaw MI - Monroe NC SB
    • G168 Sarnia ON - Locust Point MD EB>SB or SB
    • G238 Saginaw MI - Birmingham AL SB
    • G326 Grand Rapids MI - Wingate NC EB>SB
    • G335 Detroit MI - Winchester VA WB>SB
    • G368 Grand Rapids MI - Laurinburg NC EB>SB
    • G372 Webberville MI - Rocky Mount NC EB>SB
    • G423 Grand Ledge MI - Baldwin FL EB>SB
    • G437 Saginaw MI - Lake City FL SB
    • G444 Birmingham AL - Newaygo MI NB>WB
    • G541 Saginaw MI - Monroe NC SB
    • G544 Grand Ledge MI - Monroe NC EB>SB
    • G568 Detroit MI - Valdosta GA WB>SB
    • G760 Saginaw MI - Tampa FL SB
    • G807 Mobile AL - St. Thomas ON NB>EB
    • G808 Willard OH - St. Thomas ON NB>EB
    • G839 Saginaw-Grand Rapids-Chicago-Evansville SB>WB (!)
    • G847 Waycross GA - Saginaw MI NB
    • G848 Birmingham AL - Saginaw MI NB
    • G896 Grand Rapids MI - Walbridge OH EB>SB
    • G923 Cincinnati OH - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G929 Hamlet NC - Saginaw MI NB
    • G931 Locust Point MD - Webberville MI NB>WB
    • G940 Hamlet NC - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G943 Hamlet NC - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G945 Hamlet NC - Saginaw MI NB
    • G949 Hamlet NC - Saginaw MI NB
    • G969 Rocky Mount NC - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G970 Rocky Mount NC - Saginaw MI NB
    • G975 Russell KY - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G976 Russell KY - Saginaw MI NB
    • G994G995 Walbridge OH - Grand Rapids MI NB>WB
    • G996 Walbridge OH - Saginaw MI NB

    Canadian Pacific Trains through Plymouth

    A trackage-rights agreement with the Soo Line  was begun in August 1985 under which the trains are Soo, power is from a Soo/CP pool and the crews are CSX. The East end of this operation is centered at the Rougemere yard in Detroit. The Soo is now Canadian Pacific, when they want to be.

    These trains cross the border from Canada through the Detroit-WindsorTunnel by entering the Conrail track at Delray.

    Early 2001 the Michigan Ave/CP-LOU connecting track was constructed allowing interchange on the CSX 1 Westbound Main to the Conrail SAA Michigan Line Westbound 1 track. This allows tunnel traffic to avoid the Delray delay. Now they wait on Amtrak. Just can't win for all the losin. As crews are qualified this will undoubtably become the normal route.

    Profile Route Frequency Lading @ Plymouth

    • X500 Minneapolis-Montreal Daily COFT morning Picture
    • X501 Montreal-Minneapolis Daily COFT morning
    • X502 Schiller Park-Montreal Daily COFT morning
    • X503 Montreal-Schiller Park Daily COFT evening Picture Picture X503 Diverted
    • X504   Blue Island-Trois Riveier  Daily COFT evening
    • X505 Trois Riveier-Blue Island Daily freight 14:30 Picture On the new route!
    • X511 Toronto-Kansas City Daily freight night Picture
    • X512 Kansas City-Toronto Daily freight night
    • X514 Bensenville-London Daily freight night Picture
    • X530 Second Section X500 as needed COFT ----- Picture
    • X531 Second Section X501 as needed COFT -----
    • X532 Second Section X502 as needed COFT -----
    • X533 Second Section X503 as needed COFT -----
    • X534 Second Section X504 as needed COFT -----
    • X535 Second Section X505 as needed freight -----
    • X536 Second Section X512 as needed freight -----
    • X537 Second Section X511 as needed freight -----
    • X538 Second Section X514 as needed freight -----
    • X747 Montreal-Gibson Yard as needed Racks -----

    Canadian Pacific trains to Rougemere

    • CP 506 CSX Oak Yard/Rougemere-Montreal Daily -----
    • CP 507 Toronto-CSX Oak Yard/Rougemere Daily -----
    • CP 508 CSX Oak Yard/Rougemere-Montreal Daily -----
    • CP 509 Montreal-CSX Rougemere/Oak Yard Daily -----


    The through trains run on the CSX Detroit, Plymouth, and Grand Rapids subdivisions, and on Conrail's Chicago Line from Porter, Indiana to Chicago. The crew change point for trains in both directions is Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Westbound Canadian Pacific crews From London, Ontario bring trains through the Detroit River Tunnel, and from there over CR tracks to CSX Delray and on into CSX Rougemere Yard where they terminate. CP Trains to Rougemere operate on the CSX Detroit Subdivision only.

    Eastbound CSX crews from Grand Rapids usually terminate at the CP "Tunnel Office", which is located at the east end of Rougemere, where trains are turned over to CP crews. However, qualified CSX crews can take their trains through the tunnel to Windsor, Ontario.

    There is a yard job called out of Rougemere that is dedicated to working the CP intermodal facility at Oak Yard. His symbol is Y110, 210, or 310, depending on which trick he is called for. These jobs work the lading brought in by 509 and taken away by 508.

    Crucial information provided by Bill Miller. Excellent Reference for the Canadian side can be found at the Galt Station.