A major rail junction at grade level, Trowbridge in East Lansing sees approximately 16m tons of lading annually. The GTW contributing 8m, CSX 4m and CP/Soo 4m. Auto plants and exchange traffic with Conrail are the major sources of originating traffic. A coaling tower which GTW hasn't used in 40 years provides a substantial refuge for the local pigeons (aka. feathered rats/flying carp). This structure stands about 1/2 mile West of the junction at MP 222.4. The low rent looking buildings south of the tracks are dormitories for MSU, they strongly resemble low income housing projects or a minimum security prison. On the CSX a Defect Detector at MP CH79.9 is within range and can help anticipate the arrival of westbounds. GTW has a detector west of the junction at MP 232.0 which helps with Eastbounds. GT apparently makes no grade crossings on the eastward approach as no airhorns are heard announcing their arrival. Westward movements hit a grade crossing fairly close by on either road.