Date: 3/8/97	
Time: 17:15	
Symbol: GTW 709	(Flat Rock MI-Riverview MI)
        This train is a puller that delivers
        lading to NS Oakwood Yard. On this day he
        returned engine light to Flat Rock.

Lading: Containers, Racks, Auto Parts
Direction: NB>EB
Location: Oakwood Jct.
          GTW Milepost 10.3 Dearborn (now Flat Rock) Subdivision
          NS Milepost D8.7 Detroit District       

Power: GTW 4906	(ex-MoPac GP38-2 2026)
       The original GTW number for this unit was 5706
       when it was placed into service on 12/12/86.

GTW 709 is northward on the GTW Dearborn (Now Flat Rock)
Subdivision at Oakwood Junction, and has entered the 
lead which will take him around the interlocked plant 
eastward on the NS Detroit District into NS Oakwood Yard. 
 Note the structures Henry Ford used to hang catenary in the background. 
 Back in the days of yore, this was a very busy location on the DT&I. 
 The NS coal hoppers standing under the catenary structures are soon to be
 pulled north by GTW train 703, presumably taking them to Conrail Livernois Yard.

A municipal park is behind the trees on the left.  It is
a nice place to bring the family and set up a barbecue.