This section is for Rail photos not fitting the CSX theme of this page. It is divided into two sections, Jeff's unorthodox rail photos and Jerry's Other Roads.

Jeff's Unorthodox Pictures

Bodes -

Plymouth Diamond

A Study in Primary Colors

Deshler in the Fall

Like a Toy

Morning in the Autumn

Zen Railroading

West End South Lyon

Passionate Season

Psychedelic Season


Other Roads

Train pictures I like that do not fit in with the CSX theme of the web site.

BN4064 - Burlington Northern GE B unit B30-7A

BN9248 - Ore Train at East Hoffmann in St. Paul,MN

CN 5307 - GTW Symbol 140 on the Mt. Clemens Sub

CN 5376 - GTW on the Mt. Clemens Sub

CN5318 - GTW 327

CNW4174 - Chicago & Northwestern at Hoffman Yard

GTW 6404 - GT Coal Train on the Holly Sub

GTW 79197 - Grand Trunk Caboose

Soo 1542 - Soo work train at East Hoffmann

Soo 4443 - GP38-2 at St. Paul Diesel House