CSX LOCAL TRAINS In Southeast Michigan


D705 Grand Blanc Switcher

D706 Grand Blanc, Michigan Local

D708 Grand Rapids/Ensel Turn

D709 Ensel/Plymouth Local

D710 Manistee/Baldwin Turn

D711 Manistee/Baldwin Turn

D712 Manistee/Baldwin Turn

D713 E.Plymouth/ Rougemere

D714 Ford Mixing Center

D715 Livonia Turn

D716 Wayne Transfer

D717 Smith Frame Flat Train

D718 Garrett/Deshler Turn

D719 Willard/Deshler Turn

D722 Sarnia,Ontario Local

D724 Chatham Local

D725 Sarnia Local

D727 Cannonball

D728 Fremont Local

D730 Midland Switcher

D731 Midland Switcher

D732 Midland Switcher

D733 Midland Switcher

D734 Midland Switcher

D735 Detroit/Flint

D736 D736 on the Saginaw Wye

Picture Flint/Detroit Local - Works Rougemere, Middlebelt, Plymouth, Wixom, Grand Blanc, McGrew.

D737 Flint Local

D738 Plymouth/Wayne Local

D739 Wixom Local

D740   Wixom Switcher

D741 Wixom Switcher

D745 Wayne Local

D747 Trenton/ Wyandotte/ River Rouge

Not all are called every day, but D735/736 and D716/717 are daily.