Junctions/Crossings with other Railroads

Major intersections with  CSX and other roads  are usually made at grade level and are protected by interlocking signals. Some are great spots to watch trains, others not so good either becuase they lack traffic volume or access is restricted. CSX is usually refered to as the C&O by other roads in their radio communications.

Saginaw Sub: CC3: Central Michigan at Saginaw, MI CC32.9: GTW Flint Subdivision at Flint, MI (MP271.8 on GTW Flint Sub) Note: this location is known on CSX as North Kearsley CC50.2: GTW Holly Subdivision at Holly, MI Nice area on GTWs Pontiac to Durand mainline. (MP46.5 on GTW Holly Sub) CC90.1: Conrail Michigan Line at Wayne Inaccessable to Railfans as its in a large yard operation. CC93.8: NS Detroit District at Romulus, MI Double track crosses the the CSX. Excellent train watching with a good volume of traffic. (MP19 on NS Detroit District) CC105: GTW Flat Rock Subdivision sub at Carleton, MI (MP24.1 on GTW Flat Rock sub) Detroit Sub: CH4.5: GTW Shoreline Subdivision at Delray Jct. [Detroit, MI] (MP 47.7 on GTW Shoreline sub) NS Detroit District at Delray Jct. (MP4.4 on NS Detroit District) CH8.7: Conrail Industrial Track at P Company Jct. [Detroit, MI] Name probably refers to Penn Central or Pennsylvania. Plymouth Sub: CH52.9: TSBY at Ann Pere [Howell, MI] CH84.8: GTW Flint Subdivision at Trowbridge Diamond [East Lansing, MI] (MP223.5 on GTW Flint sub) CH87.4: Conrail Lansing Track at Lansing, MI Many thanks to Ron Jackson for providing data for this page.