Former CSXT/Pere Marquette lines make up much of the mileage owned by one of the Rail America Inc. short line the Huron & Eastern/Saginaw Valley.  Today a granger road with massive grain elevators about every twenty miles, it also serves Pioneer Sugar and Sebewaing industries. Connecting at Saginaw the CSXT retains trackage rights on much of the system.

Original construction was in the 1880's by  the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron Railroad Company from Saginaw to Bad Axe. The east coast line between Harbor Beach and Port Huron was built by the Port Huron & Northwestern Railroad company originally as narrow guage. The Flint & Pere Marquette converted it to standard  guage in 1890.

Pere Marquette operated this as the ST&H Division. Coal, Stone and freight were handled by the PM over this Division. 1,133 carloads of coal originated at Unionville in 1944. Approx 8,500 carloads per year were interchanged at Port Huron in the late 1930's /early 1940's by the PM but most would have taken the direct route to Saginaw which was 40 miles shorter. 

 A good deal of 131lb joined rail remains but recent track work is a low budget operation with sections of 90lb in 8ft lengths at some grade crossings.

Tied down at Mueller Bean Company 9/1/96.