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The Plymouth Diamond

This is the original effort which began on Global Network Navigator in 1996. As they became AOL and allowed us to keep our space it moved to http;// Now on the Farm space should be pretty well infinite.

2010 Update - We have relocated to Godaddy !!

As the files get staightened out you may find references to the original url, these will be fixed as i get to them.: Thank You for your patience!

Extreme Railfanning

A broadened perspective on Southeast Michigan Railfanning. A lot of good stuff and links to other good stuff. Not real up to date but some good historical background.

Digital Photos

As 2003 progressed the time seemed right to get the feet wet with all digital photography. Previous imagery was shot on film and then converted. This is still the best for any serious archival requirement.

The bit twiddlers are catching up! The images here have been shot with a Konica Minolta DiMage Z1. Image depth is fairly good, certainly much better than a flatbed.

Site Operator Jerry Sundin

The Farm

that would be server farm.

A tour of the old home of the web site!

Note:DNRC Members - $cott Adam$ ha$ $old hi$ $oul

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